Network Adapters

Network Adapters, also known as NIC "Network Interface Card" is an electronic device - also known as Network Expansion Card that enables a Computer to connect to a Network or Internet using an Ethernet Cable with an RJ-45 Connector. Most Computers have a Network Interface built in to the Computers System Board (also known as Motherboard). Network Interface Cards are however used to give additional connectivity to the Network or Internet. 

Network Cards can have PCI, PCIe (PCI Express) or PCIX interface. Network Cards can have single, dual or quad RJ-45 Ports. There are many manufacturers of Network Cards, however, some of the popular ones are Intel, Linksys, Netgear, 3com etc. Some network cards are HP, Dell, IBM Branded for branded systems.

We recommend customers to do a little bit of research before purchasing a network card. For example: Analyse your requirement and confirm whether one needs a single port, dual port, or quad port card. Also check if your motherboard supports PCI, PCIe, or PCI-X adapters. Ensure that the card being purchased will work with your computer's Operating System - This can be checked from the Network Card's manufacturer website. Since most card have RJ-45 ports, ensure you purchase a RJ-45 Cable that will connect from the card to the router or RJ-45 port on the wall.